Full Bathroom Renovation in 4-5 Days (and Half Baths in 2-3 Days)

Day 1-

Every item for your unique bathroom, from tile to the screws, will be delivered by our trucks.  At the end of the day, this same truck will be packed with all the demo debris and hauled away leaving no mess. 

Our professional team has a priority of keeping your house clean and safe, so all floor traffic areas are covered and messes are contained.  The remainder of the day, the walls, floor, and everything else is prepared for tile and paint. At the end of the day everything is cleaned up and its like we weren't even there.

Day 2-

Tiles are installed in the shower and floor.  This is very rewarding, your investment is begin to payoff and your vision comes to life!

Day 3-

The walls and ceiling are painted and the tile grout goes in.  Now you are really getting to see the quality of work and patting yourself on the back recognizing your savvy investment. 

Day 4-

Toilet and vanity are now in.  Lights mirrors and towel hangers are all gleaming in the glow of your new bathroom. 

Day 5-

You are probably spending most of the day bragging to your friends and receiving endless complements on your amazing, new, hotel quality bathroom.  Part of you is also wondering why you didn't do it sooner.  We know we can get the work done in 4 days, but to account for holidays or anything else that might come up we threw in an extra day.  Our goal is to over deliver.